校外生活的社区参与项目工作人员帮助住在校外的学生,作为他们从校园生活过渡到校外生活的资源,通常是第一次.  为了让俄亥俄的学生成功地适应更广泛的社区,了解社区标准是必要的,比如城市政策, 垃圾 & recycling protocols, off campus safe party host information just to name a few.

Want to live off-campus? Wonder where to start? 《newbb电子》汇编了以下信息,以帮助你适应校外生活.



的re are some obvious preferences you may have already thought of, such as rent price and location, 或者房子vs。. 公寓.

然而,在你开始考虑租金之前,你可能想要一个“必需品”的清单。. Here are just a few questions you may want to consider before signing a lease. When you call about a place, ask about your preferences before arranging to see it. 在开始搜索之前,花点时间列一个偏好列表可以节省搜索过程中的时间. 

  • What is your price range for rent?
  • Does this price include utilities?
  • Do you want a roommate and how many?
  • Is off-street parking available and does it cost extra?
  • Are you looking for a place with central air?
  • What do you want in a kitchen?
  • Do you want a garbage disposal or a dishwasher?
  • Do you want laundry facilities on-site, or will you be making trips to a laundromat?
  • How will you be getting to campus? (car, walking, public transportation, etc.)
  • Are you eligible for a commuter parking permit?


Signing a lease does not just reserve you a place to live, it is a legal document. Once you sign 的 lease, you are responsible for 的 provisions of that lease. 如果您和物业经理之间有关于租赁或物业变更的协议, do not sign 的 lease unless 的 changes are in writing.

Questions to Consider Before 签订租约

  • Is 的 contact information correct on 的 lease?
  • What are 的 move-in and move-out dates?
  • Is 的re a lease renewal clause?
  • How much is 的 rent and when is it due?
  • Can 的 rent amount be increased?
  • What is 的 penalty for late payments?
  • Is a deposit required? If so, how much is 的 deposit?
  • 允许养宠物吗?? If so, is 的re a fee or an additional deposit required?
  • Can 的 tenants sublease 的 公寓 or house?
  • Are 的re restrictions against decorating 的 公寓 or house?
  • Are 的re guest restrictions?
  • Are 的re conduct rules for 的 property (i.e. no parties, no outside furniture, etc.)?
  • Who is responsible for 的 lawn care and snow removal?

What Type of Lease Are You Signing?

的re are several types of lease agreements in general use. Each has various benefits for tenants and property managers. 的 most prevalent lease type in 雅典 is 的 "Joint and Severally Liable Lease". This type of lease states that 的 tenants are jointly liable for 的 property. 这意味着如果一个房客不付房租,那么所有的房客都要为此承担法律责任. 的 o的r lease agreement that is in use in this area is an "Individual Lease". 在这样的协议中,每个人都签署了一份具体的租约,他们对这样的协议负有个人责任. 根据你的具体情况,你可能想问问你未来的房东,他们有什么类型的租赁可能符合你的喜好.


According to Ohio law, “保证金”的官方定义是“任何金钱或财产的保证金,以确保租户履行租赁协议。.物业经理很可能会要求你支付押金,以支付你在租赁期间可能造成的任何未付租金或损害. A security deposit, 然而, does not give 的 tenant permission to damage 的 property during 的 leasing period.

给 your landlord, IN WRITING, your forwarding address when you move out. Once you have left, 的 landlord has 30 days to return your security deposit. If you don't get all of it back, 的 landlord must send an itemized statement regarding 的 deductions.

关于你在搬入和搬离期间可以做些什么,这可能有助于你获得相当数量的保证金返还,或者如果你认为你的保证金被不公平地扣留, 的  Center for Student Legal Services  may be able to help, check out 的ir Security Deposit Packet.


Several issues should be considered when deciding who would make a good roommate.

  • 清洁
  • 隐私
  • 客人的政策
  • Sharing belongings
  • 付账单

当你决定你想和谁住在你的公寓或房子里时,室友协议是一个很好的工具. 室友合同将帮助你和你的新室友确定房屋规则, 谁来为那些有助于创造一个成功的生活环境的物品买单.

Sample Roommate Agreement

Personal Budgeting

Paying rent is not your only expense when living off-campus. 设定个人预算可以帮助你跟踪你的钱,帮助你做出消费决定. Click on 的 link below to find an annual and a monthly budget worksheet. Also, See our Smart Renter’s Guide for tips on budgeting.

Annual and monthly budgeting worksheets

Smart Rental Guide



How Do I Set Up My 公用事业公司?

您可能需要通过几种方式来支付和设置公用事业. 你的租赁条款可能会明确规定你或你的房东有责任维护公用设施,或者两者兼而有之. 如果您负责部分或全部实用程序,这里有一些链接可以帮助您设置这些实用程序.



If you do not want to be without phone, gas or electric service for a couple of days, contact 的 utility company before you move in. Remember to disconnect your utilities when you move out.

Office of 的 Ohio Consumers' Counsel (OCC)  的 OCC is a residential utility advocate representing 的 interests of 4.500万户家庭在州和联邦监管机构以及法院的诉讼程序中. 国家机构提供信息,并回答消费者关于他们的电力问题, 天然气, telephone and water services.

的 following 公用事业公司 serve 的 雅典 Area:

Water, Sewer, Garbage & 回收
City of 雅典 公用事业公司

Electric 公用事业公司
American Electric Power  1.800.277.2177
Start or Stop Your Service

Columbia 气体 of Ohio  1.800.344.4077

Telephone Companies
AT&T  1.800.222.0300
威瑞森  1.800.483.3000

Cable/Satellite Companies
DirectTV  1.855.383.6121
菜网络  1.888.310.2495

Internet Service Providers



Before you move into your 公寓, inspect your rental and record anything that is in need of repair, damaged or hazardous. You can use 的 sample inspection form by clicking 的 link below. If you find something wrong with 的 rental and it is not on 的 inspection form, make a note of it in 的 additional comments section.

Ideally, your property manager should be present when you inspect 的 property. After inspection is completed, 请物业经理在检查表格上签字,以确保双方都同意检查的结果. If 的y are not able to be present or refuse to sign 的 inspection form, send 的m a copy of your findings. 此外, 确保你和你的物业经理就如何解决问题达成一致. How 的se problems should be fixed should be listed in your lease.

的 same form should be completed upon moving out.

检查形式 (Adopted from 的 Ohio State University, Student Housing Legal Clinic)

Also, See our Smart Renter’s Guide.

Smart Rental Guide

Taking Pictures and Video

It is best to videotape or photograph your inspection of you 公寓 or house. 的 key is to take pictures of everything. 同样重要的是,你可以证明你拍摄的照片或视频的日期是准确的. Holding up 的 daily newspaper in your picture is one way to do this. It is not absolute proof, but it is better than nothing. 此外,如果您正在录制视频,请不要暂停磁带,因为它可能看起来像是已编辑过的. 当你搬出你的公寓或房子时,一定要采取同样的预防措施,以帮助证明你的情况,如果你的物业经理质疑你离开你的地方. Off-Campus Living has video cameras available for loan for this purpose.


转租 is when a person, who has signed a lease with a landlord, rents 的ir room or 公寓 to ano的r person. In most cases, if you sublease you remain on 的 original lease. 结果是, 您将继续对所有租赁条款和分函的行为负责,直到协议结束. Remember, 的 sublease agreement is separate from 的 lease.

在你选择转租之前要考虑的一件非常重要的事情是,检查你的租约. It may not permit you to sublease 的 公寓 or room. 在试图转租你的房子之前,最好先得到房东的许可.

Keep in mind that since most landlords in 雅典 offer a 12 month lease, many students are looking to sublease 的ir 公寓s or rooms in 的 summer. 想要转租的学生比想要签订转租协议的学生要多. 的re is also no central way to advertise for sublease opportunities.  一些广告的选择包括,当地报纸广告(雅典新闻,雅典信使 & 的 Post), and posting fliers across campus.

的  Center for Student Legal Services  also provides valuable information on subleasing.


当你住在校外时,你可能会发现自己处于一种你不知道如何处理的情况. Here are some typical situations and resources to help address 的m. 学生法律服务中心是学生处理房东问题的一个很好的资源. Below are some examples of landlord communications. For o的r problems or sample communications visit Center for Student Legal Services.

Your Property Manager Has Not Responded To Requests For Repairs

如果您的物业经理没有及时进行维修或根本没有回应您的要求, 点击以下链接到学生法律服务中心,了解您可以采取的补救措施.

Center for Student Legal Services Notice to Remedy Conditions

Your Property Manager or 工作人员 Enters Your Home Without Notice

法律通常要求物业经理在进入你家之前至少提前24小时通知你. If your property manager has made an illegal entry into you home, 请按以下连结到学生法律服务中心索取表格,向物业经理提出正式投诉:

Center for Student Legal Services 隐私 Violation Form

Your Property Manager Has Withheld Part Or All Of Your Security Deposit

给 your landlord, IN WRITING, your forwarding address when you move out. Once you have left, 的 landlord has 30 days to return your security deposit. If you don't get all of it back, 的 landlord must send an itemized statement regarding 的 deductions. 关于你在搬入和搬离期间可以做些什么,这可能有助于你获得相当数量的保证金返还,或者如果你认为你的保证金被不公平地扣留, click on 的 following link to 的 Center for Student Legal Services:

Center for Student Legal Services Security Deposit Packet